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 Diversion Safes Look Like Everyday Household Items

Simply take a glance at any newspaper or watch the evening news and you'll see crimes against individuals and property are always on the increase. It is more probable now, than ever before, that you've either been the victim of a crime or you know somebody who has been a victim.

As the economic situation in our country, continues to decline, property crimes will continue to increase. There are many desperate people who might not want to “hurt” someone else, physically, but they are able to break into a home or apartment, and steal items of value, which they can somehow “convert to cash” later on.

Why not beat a thief at his own game? Hide your valuables and cash in plain sight. Even though they will be in plain sight, your valuables and your cash will be cleverly hidden in a unique and popular diversion safe.

These hidden safes look like common household items such as; a can of shaving cream, a kitchen or bathroom cleaner, a common food item, or maybe even the items you would normally see in a garage or workshop.

The main difference between the real product and these “can safes” is that these diversion safes have a clever, hidden, hollow compartment with a top or bottom that unscrews or opens... allowing you to put your valuables and cash safely and securely inside. You then close the can and put it back on the shelf with the other products currently in your home.

The diversion safes are also “weighted” to “feel full” which gives the impression it “really is” a can of whatever it is supposed to be.

What burglar will pick up a can of shaving cream? He may look in your medicine cabinet, but even with years of experience he won't know that shaving cream hides your money or jewelry and he doesn't have the time to find out. He is looking for drugs!

People often hide their valuable in a drawer with socks and underwear, and the thieves already know this. You have to outsmart them, and hide your jewelry and cash in a spot he will never look!

Diversion safes
are very inexpensive considering the peace of mind they will give you. The prices ranges from only $10 to $25. This bargain price makes it easy to get 2 or 3 of them. Plus they also make an awesome gift! Don't wait until you've become the next victim. Hide your valuables in plain site starting right now. To see more detailed information on the Diversion Safes below, please click on the Link or Image.


To see more information on the Diversion Safes below click on the Link or Image.

  1. 7UP Soda Can Safe

  2. A&W Rootbeer Safe

  3. Ajax 14 oz Diversion Safe

  4. Ajax 21 oz Diversion Safe

  1. All Purpose Cleaner Safe

  2. Arizona Ice Tea Safe

  3. Barbasol Shaving Cream Safe

  4. Bathroom Cleaner Diversion Safe

  1. Beer Can Safe

  2. Book Safe

  3. Brush Free Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  4. Brut Shaving Foam Safe

  1. Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup

  2. Carpet Cleaner Diversion Safe

  3. Carpet Deodorizer Safe

  4. Chef Boyardee Beefaroni Diversion Safe

  1. Cherry 7UP Diversion Safe

  2. Coca-Cola Can Safe

  3. Coffee Mate Creamer Safe

  4. Country Time Lemonade Safe

  1. Desenex Diversion Safe

  2. Dr Pepper Diversion Safe

  3. Dried Soup Diversion Safe

  4. Fabric/Upholstery Cleaner Safe

  1. Flower Pot Safe

  2. Fruit Cocktail Disguised Safe

  3. Gunk Brake Cleaner Safe

  4. Gunk Engine Degreaser Safe

  1. GUNK Puncture Seal Safe

  2. Hair Brush Diversion Safe

  3. Hunts Pasta Sauce Diversion Safe

  4. JB Engine Degreaser Safe

  1. JB Oil Treatment Safe

  2. Kibbles 'n Bits Safe

  3. Lint Roller Diversion Safe

  4. Lysol Bathroom Cleaner Spray

  1. Maxwell House Coffee Safe

  2. Mini Oreo Cookie Safe

  3. Morton Salt Diversion Safe

  4. Nutter Butter Bites Safe

  1. Oven Cleaner Diversion Safe

  2. Peanut Butter Safe

  3. Pringles Safe

  4. Quick Mixing Flour Safe

  1. Scotch Guard Safe

  2. Spaghetti'os Diversion Safe

  3. Spray Bottle Safe

  4. Sprite Can Safe

  1. Stone Safe

  2. Teddy Grahams Safe

  3. Tootsie Roll Diversion Safe

  4. Trader Joes Sea Salt Safe

  1. Wall Socket Safe

Many people today, are searching for innovative options and ways to protect their important possessions. Money, jewelry, important papers and other small valuable items may be easily stolen if your home is ever targeted by a thief. Thieves may spend days or even weeks observing a neighborhood. They even watch you and your every move, looking and waiting for the right moment, to break into your house and steal everything you worked so hard for. They know they only have a small amount of time, while inside your home, and they act fast. They are never going to suspect a can of dog food has your grandmother’s diamond ring inside it!

A conventional way of protecting your valuables used to be a safe. This could be very expensive and does not usually fit with the decor of most homes. There is also the high cost of opening the safe, if you lose or forget the combination or if the lock malfunctions. Another common way people tend to protect their valuable items is by hiding them in drawers or closets, inside shoes, clothing pockets, cookie tins, et cetera. A burglar may spend weeks watching your house, but they've spent years learning their trade. An experienced thief “knows” where people hide their valuables. Dresser drawers, backs of closets, under a sink or even under a desk drawer are all places they will look, once they are inside your home.

Diversion safes are extremely handy when traveling. A can of hairspray or shaving cream left on the bathroom counter will not attract any interest from a dishonest maid or hotel employee. A coke left in your room's mini-fridge won't warrant a second glance. Let’s face it...everyone needs some diversion safes these days!